Burnwell Micro Incinerator

Portable and Affordable, the Burnwell Micro Incinerator opens up new options for dealing with waste

The Burnwell Micro Incinerator is a UK manufactured miniature air-blast furnace incinerator which uses pressurised air to quickly and efficiently incinerate any wood waste, vegetation or animal material at temperatures above 800 degrees centigrade.

Perfect for Knotweed, Chalara, Balsam and other invasive weeds

Incinerators provide an efficient and environmentally friendly method of dealing with invasive weeds which could otherwise prove costly to dispose of effectively.

Legal to operate without license

As the Burnwell Micro Incinerator is rated at a maximum of 50kg per hour, there are 2 exemptions that can be used if strictly adhered to:



Multiple uses

With the optional water heating unit, the incinerator is capable of heating water for heating or drying.  The Water heating option is available at an additional cost of £500 + VAT

Choice of air blower

As standard the Micro Incinerator comes equipped with a 110V electric fan.  A Honda petrol fan is available at an additional cost of £695 + VAT

Available for sale & weekly hire

Not sure if its the machine for you?  Our incinerators are available to hire by the week at a cost of £500 + VAT with either 110V or petrol-powered fan. Ample time to see what this incredible little machine can do for you, and if you decide to buy immediately following your hire period we will refund the hire charge.



Optional Honda petrol fan £695 + VAT

Water heating option £500 + VAT

Weekly hire cost including 110V or petrol-powered fan £500 + VAT

Portable & Affordable Incineration

Highly portable, quick to start, incredibly easy to use and safe to operate, the Burnwell Micro brings high-temperature pressurised incineration to everyone, at a budget price -without the budget build quality.