About Burnwell Incinerators Ltd

Burnwell History

Burnwell was formed by Justin Kingwell, using his experience of high-temperature incineration and open burning over the last 25 years, All the machines use new concepts in incineration technology to ensure that every burn is above 800 degrees centigrade and temperatures of 1000 degrees and above can easily be achieved with some material.  Quick, efficient destruction of vegetation, wood waste and animal material – using pressurised air blowing across the top of an existing fire – this process burns off excess smoke and particulates, by using over-oxygenation of the existing fire. The latest ceramic and steel construction techniques, give super-tough machines, designed for the rigours of site use over a long period of time.Highly portable, quick to start, incredibly easy to use and safe to operate, the machines bring high-temperature pressurised incineration to everyone, at a budget price -without the budget build quality. There is no additional fuel to introduce, as the machines simply increase the burning rate and temperature of the material that is already burning in the machine, by the use of a pressurised air supply. Burnwell machines are only for untreated material. You should always check permit and exemption requirements, before using.