Emergency Response Incineration

Invasive Species, Disaster Recovery Works & Animal Disease Destruction

Kingwell Holdings hold the Forestry Commission Tree Health Framework Agreement for emergency high-temperature tree and vegetation incineration for England and Wales.

Our mobile incinerators all burn well above the 800 degrees Centigrade, required for total pathogen destruction and will safely reduce organic material by 95%.

We are experienced specialists in the fields listed below and can rapidly deploy emergency resources for removal and destruction work, throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide. We are able to work closely with Government Agencies and Military, to ensure safe and efficient deployment of resources to any required theatre. Our security-cleared and confidential staff are experienced with sensitive and confidential operations.

Invasive species destruction such as Rhododendron, Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, etc. as well as all forms of Phytophthora, Fire-blight and all other plant pathogens.

Insect pests such as Oak Processionary Moth, Asian Long-horned Beetle and all other foreign invader species are easily and safely destroyed

Fallen animal destruction after natural disasters, such as flooding, cyclone, fire or earthquakes.

Animal disease outbreak, such as Foot and Mouth Disease, all forms of Swine Fever and all other animal to Human Health risk scenarios.

Post-conflict and Natural Disaster clear-up works.

Human disease outbreak emergency incineration.

Contact us in complete confidence to discuss your requirements (07801 478885 – 24 Hours).

Always obtain permitting advice before using

Emergency Disaster Response

Always available at short notice for disaster recovery, eradication of invasive species, & animal disease destruction